Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Website and App Secure

According to SC Magazine 85% of the websites have atleast one vulnerability. Quite a number that is! Such vulnerabilities attracts thousands of bots and hackers to your website. And as they say, you need to fix all the security bugs in your website but a hacker needs to find only one to exploit. So, presenting 3 tips to keep your websites and apps secure:

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Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Website Secure

  1. Write Secure Code: This is the most proactive approach a website or app developer can have towards security. It is important to be vigilant while writing code to ensure that while the system is being coded, security is integrated. Being a devil’s advocate about the code you are writing surely helps in ensuring that you think with a hacker mindset too. This helps you in making sure that all the security checks are in place. A secure coding checklist on a developer’s desk goes a long way in this!
  2. Never Trust User Inputs: Wherever an app or website accepts inputs, it becomes imperative to scan each input taken by user. Various forms, GET and POST parameters are favorite spots of hackers to inject malicious links to compromise the website. Assuring that every user input is sanitized goes a long way in maintaining health of the website.
  3. Use a Website Firewall: Security is continuous process; hundreds of new threats are released every day. It becomes difficult to keep on building new defense mechanisms for each. The best solution is to have a website firewall that assures continuous protection of the website against hackers.

    A Firewall Assures 24×7 Security of Your Website, screenshot from Astra Firewall

Security is often underestimate. Its value is seen after a website or an app gets hacked and consequences must be suffered. It’s always recommended to take proactive measures. That way, you save yourself loss of reputation and customers which comes with a hack. As they say, better late than never so if you haven’t taken necessary steps take now.

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