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You are not the chief executive officer of a leading company. On the contrary, you run an enterprise of a small scale, which you have built from zero. You are upset because you have not managed to grow your business to its full potential. Despite your commitment and your constant involvement, the business is not generating an output equal to the input. You have no explanation whatsoever for this. There are many reasons why your small organization is not growing. Examples of things that do not allow you to meet with success are customer dissatisfaction, inefficient daily business practices, and lack of collaboration at the office.

 Is there anything you can do to change this? As a matter of fact, it is within your power to make your organization flourish. The thing is that you cannot do it alone. You need the best online CRM. Online CRM is an application that is hosted in the cloud, being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to the fact that the software program is hosted, you have nothing to install. A great example of a cloud tool is bpm’online CRM.  Can online CRM empower your business? Continue reading to find out.

Why you should deploy online CRM

If you are new to customer relationship management solutions, you may be inquisitive into the benefits of online systems. What you want to know basically is if a tool of this kind is suitable for your business model. You said that you run a small business, right? An application available through the Internet is the best option for you, as you do not have to make modifications to the IT infrastructure. Simply put, you do not have to acquire other software applications and components, the technical aspects being the responsibility of the service supplier. Bpm’online studio is a platform you should focus our attention on. To learn what the online platform can do for you, view the website.

To use, or not to use online CRM? That is the question; at least for business managers. As mentioned previously, software available through the Web has the ability to empower your business. “Can it, really?” you may ask. Here are the arguments in support of online CRM.

§  Deployment strategy

You have the opportunity to take advantage of the options provided by the vendor in terms of transitioning to the new system. The software provider hosts the platform online, so there is no strain on your company from a technical standpoint. You and the service provider decide which the best way to use the online system is. No matter the solution chosen, you can access the application from anywhere, provided that you have an Internet connection.

§  Keeping data secure

Data security issues are not something that you should be concerned with. The reason for this is that the information stored in the cloud is protected from unauthorized access. When it comes to safeguarding data, companies take their job serious. The result is that they make available automated back-up and recovery policies. Such protection is not possible when you have an onsite solution implemented

§  Easy management of upgrades

The cloud makes IT applications like bpm’online studio more flexible. Flexibility is apparent in the way that online CRM solutions are updated.  Upgrades can be realized without making onsite visits, which is significantly important taking into account that companies like amoCRM release at least 4 updates a year. The user is notified that new updates, or a new version of the application is available. Updates of cloud-based customer relationship management systems is as automatic as it appears to be.

Bpm’online, amoCRM, or Velocify: Which is the best?

This article has insisted time and time again that online CRM is empowers your business so it can grow. The only problem is that no one has told you which option is the best one. When it comes to cloud-based CRM, we have 3 top contestants: bpm’online, amoCRM, and, Velocify. Which is the best online CRM? Take a look at the following details and decide for yourself.

Bpm’online CRM

This business management suite can be integrated with third-party applications. The online platform was launched in June 2013, being designed to concentrate on individual customers. The application comes to the support of companies in need of optimizing their business processes.


  • Customization of look and feel
  • Uncomplicated navigation
  • Minimization of delays and errors
  • Control of customer journey


  • Ease of use


amoCRM can be characterized as an intuitive solution. This basically means that it has enhanced functionality and it can be used by people with no technical know-how. What is worth knowing about amoCRM is that it is Web-hosted and a good fit for small scale organizations, like yours.


  • No training required
  • Collection of leads from multiple channels
  • Email synchronization


  • Security and access


Velocify was created so as to make it easier for sales reps to keep organized. This neat tool automated sales processes and provides quality to the process as a whole.


  • ROI on sales efforts
  • Elimination of guesswork
  • Improved team collaboration


  • Frequent error messages

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