Why pajamas are in trend in India

After a day of tiring and hectic work, and being in tight jeans or leggings all day, it feels like heaven to change into the pajamas. Pajamas are available in various materials that include cotton, silk, rayon, etc. Cotton is undoubtedly the best material because it is a natural fiber and it allows the skin to breathe. Also, pajamas are very lightweight and do not make a person feel hot or uncomfortable. The pajamas are in trend in India. Almost everyone is aware of the uncomfortable heat that the summers in India have. It is very difficult to go out in sarees, leggings or the jeans as they keep sticking to the body, does not allow the skin to breathe, thereby making a person feel very hot. The pajamas that are available in the market nowadays can be worn both at work and at thehome while a person is relaxing.

Things to keep in mind

Though Indians have a craze for the pajamas, there are a number of things that they should keep in mind to save themselves from the summer heat.

  • The pajamas should be of light color. Light colors like white or sky blue or baby pink cannot absorb the rays of the sun, rather it reflects them back. This keeps a person from feeling hot. Black should be avoided at all costs.
  • The pajamas that should be selected should be of cotton as cotton pajamas are extremely comfortable in comparison to the silk pajamas or the rayon pajamas. Also, cotton pajamas come in prices that are affordable.

Pajamas are almost worn by everyone in India, whether at work or in thehome due to the rising heat every summer. Pajamas provide comfort that no other piece of cloth can ever give. Hence pajamas are the best piece of clothing.

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