Why Businesses Should Consider Managed Hosting

Quite challenging it has become to establish a small business; your budget is tight, the staff is minimal, and your credibility can be easily questioned. The last thing that a company considers when planning to run a website is the time, efforts, and capital involved in server management. Most of the business— on the verge of starting their business— being clueless about the hosting, choose to embrace managed hosting services.

What is Managed Hosting?

In simple words, managed hosting involves a web host who manages all the operations and processes of the server on your behalf. Managed hosting is much like dedicated hosting. Well-established companies that have enough budget for dedicated hosting either choose their IT staff to take care of their web servers or let the hosting service provider handle the servers.

If you can afford managed hosting and are totally blank about server management to run your online store effectively, have no time to focus on the servers, a managed hosting solution is the right option for you.

Why You Need the Managed WordPress Hosting?

Here are some of the most common benefits that you can acquire from managed web hosting. Before getting started with managed hosting services, make sure to go through them.

1.     Security

Web security is a big concern for the online stores. WordPress websites are more prone to cyber-attacks via the backend, or defective themes or plugins. When it comes to shared hosting, the server becomes more vulnerable. Therefore, managed hosting is supposedly one of the most secure hosting options available in the market. Managed hosting solutions cover your entire websites keeping it protected against all the big and small threats.

2.     Growth

Shared hosting demands the user to share the resources; therefore, this option of hosting is not preferred for the website with high traffic flow, as it can cause the website to crash. Managed hosting, unlike shared hosting, is set to scale with your business growth and traffic, and therefore is capable of handling high traffic issues.

3.     Speed

Apart from other things, WordPress websites are also famous for being bloated and slow. With managed WordPress hosts, your website can stay fast. Moreover, it is constantly optimized so that there is no need to shed sweat, worrying about the website’s speed.

4.     Backups

According to different researches, small businesses lose over 50% of their valued data after a natural disaster or hardware catastrophes. In case of managed hosting, you can rest assured that your data is protected and backed up as manage hosts usually follow processes and procedures to combat such scenarios.

5.     Support

You are good at your business, and you do not have to be a techie too. If you are, then this is a plus point else, there is no shame in that. With managed hosting, you can select a managed WordPress host, as you can leverage on a whole, well-experienced team of technicians to get your back whenever you need. The support team is always there for you whenever you encounter any problem.

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