Welcome to Your First Autumn in Catering


It’s a fantastic feeling when a food related business which you’ve poured blood, sweat and tears in to is flying high and all of the investments have started to pay off.

With autumn and winter the demand for a hearty meal in warm comfortable surroundings is at its highest and of course there is the onslaught of Christmas and New Year parties to consider.

You may be so busy that you wonder why you decided to put yourself under so much pressure.

Simple answer: Because you love what you do, this is a dream come true.

Around now, November in to December there will be a moment in which you realise, probably at a really inopportune time, that your fridge space won’t hold all the turkey, vegetables, starters and desserts that you need.

Your business started optimistically but you didn’t want to “over-fridge” your premises so you have a problem.

That said, it’s an excellent problem, the bookings are flowing in, the revenue will exceed expenditure and it should be a fabulous first autumn and winter in your eatery.

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You know that you can’t store items which should be in a cold room or walk in chiller outside, in a garage or outbuilding to keep them cool.

It may be late in the year and there might be frost and ice but you’re a professional so you need expertise and a practical solution.

Companies like Icecool Trailers in Berkshire can help you efficiently and like elves they’ll restore peace of mind to a frantic work space.

You need walk in chiller hire.

Space is at a premium in the food preparation area and kitchen staff and catering tools cannot be moved out of the environment without risking hygiene standards and customer service but you can place your additional refrigeration in a convenient spot without too much fuss, just outside the kitchen, in a corridor, in a storage room.

Wherever a mobile chiller hire unit needs to be, it can be. Cost effective mobile chiller hire will remove pressure.

Cold rooms are generally placed indoors; chiller trailers can be placed inside or outside.

A walk in chiller has ample space to work in and to separate food groups and courses. It has its own lighting and shelving and your staff will be able to stand up.

Walk in cold room hire units can be assembled on site if necessary. The providers appreciate that the door may not be wide enough to allow a constructed room through it so piece by piece it can be installed and can remain onsite for as long as it is required.

Who can say if you’ll actually have to keep the walk in chiller hire unit? After a successful festive season even more people will know about your exquisite food and your business could boom. Quiet evenings may be a distant memory by this time next year. Fingers crossed.

Allow the facilities of a leading mobile chiller hire company to help you achieve greatness.

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