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Traditional advertising no longer has the impact it once enjoyed and technology has brought an intriguing shift in how web design and digital marketing agencies approach the selling and branding of products and services.

This probably won’t surprise you but the hard sell method is unpopular.

Driving a brand name in to someone’s consciousness in a confrontational way or via a webpage littered with the name so often that the content makes little sense is obvious and unprofessional. Search engines spot such glaring tactics.

The answer lies in native advertising content which does not “sell.”

It inspires, intrigues and invites the reader to investigate the company and services or product further.

It’s natural in its style. Content doesn’t read like sales copy.

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So, for example, you shouldn’t see keywords in a horrible list which looks like a strained sales pitch:

“We’re the best in Reading. Reading is a great location for us. Reading loves knitting, we love knitting. Knitting in Reading is great. Please visit us in our Reading ship and do some knitting.”

Yes, there’s certainly no doubt that the knitting firm is in Reading but it screams of desperation.

A web design expert would take these phrases and gently insert them within engaging sentences that look more like a journalistic piece or blog post.

Search engines favour web design that incorporates proper content in a structured form that doesn’t read like an overt advertising page.

“We believe that we are the best in Reading because our team are experienced and we love knitting so we can offer a passion for this skilful hobby that matches the people of Reading’s.

Reading loves knitting in our experience and we frequently have open days so please feel free to visit us in our Reading shop and do some knitting.

Have a chat, get some advice. Take on a stitch that’s been troublesome. We’re here to help.

Knitting in Reading is great for beginners to advanced knitters. Reading is a great place for us to come together and share our love and skills.”

Branding is about becoming less branded as odd as that may seem.

A reader of the second version won’t feel that they are being confronted, sold to or that they’re not valuable unless they spend.

How many times have you walked in to a shop in Berkshire, been pounced on by a sales person who has made you uncomfortable to the extent that you left their store to escape their pressure selling?

The X at the top corner of the screen is a reader’s escape route. They are more than a walking money pit so they want to be made to feel special.

Selling is about features and benefits but it needs a healthy dose of humanity to be alluring.  

Digital marketing agency Reading experts like The Wysi Partnership appreciate this and they don’t frighten clients away by hard selling during web creation or website management.

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