The Top Torrent Downloader for Mac

If you are using Mac and you want to download torrent files you would need to do a lot of searches and researches to find one best torrent downloader application. It is difficult to find a torrent file downloader application which allows you to customize your downloads in Mac.

Clients of torrent differ explicitly from each other and some of them offer more features, some provides online services, and some torrent clients depends on apps.

Some of the top torrent downloader apps for Mac are as follows which would make your experience with BitTorrent network memorable:

  1. Folx: Folx is the top torrent downloader. It offers free and PRO versions. You can take control on the speed to download and upload, set things you want to upload or download according to your priority, it can also tag downloads as per their type and content so that they can be found easily whenever needed. The Folx Pro helps in tracking torrents from even different trackers, so whatever tracker the torrent file is on, you can find the best torrent file. Folx lets you download torrent files in a convenient manner.

  1. Vuze: Vuze for Mac is a great app too for downloading or uploading torrent file. It has some good and neat features. You can also play downloaded media file with the Vuze’s player directly on Vuze itself.
  2. BitTorrent Official Client: If you are looking for a lightweight app for your Mac, BitTorrent Official Client is your best choice. It has some good features and also it has a decent downloading speed. You can also stream torrents directly from the app and it doesn’t show up advertisements.
  3. Transmission: Transmission is great for its speed. It is able to search for local systems which are connected to yours and it also supports magnet links.
  4. uTorrent: This is also a lightweight app. Via uTorrent you can search for torrent files and download torrent files directly from the app and you can store it on a flash drive.

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