The Most Popular Methods For Lead Generation


Among the most common strategies for generating b2b leads are social media posts, landing pages, contact forms, and lead generation software. Today we’re going to take a look at the most popular methods among these strategies.

Social Media

Using Facebook ads and Twitter ads you can gather contact information from individuals by targeting the right demographic. Are you a marketing company that wants to find businesses that could use your services? Target the right demographics of local businesses that match your customer, and you could generate dozens of leads this way to increase your profits.

Landing Pages

You can also send traffic directly to landing pages from social media posts, and entice visitors to provide their contact information this way. Landing pages are an effective way to gather high-quality leads. 

Contact Forms

Develop an organic search strategy for your website and create a series of useful pages that people are actively searching for. From there, you can place contact forms on these pages and start collecting leads for free. The potential to generate thousands of views per month means that focusing on contact forms is one of the best methods for generating new leads. You can write content based around the needs of the searchers, and significantly increase your leads when they see your offer. Create a piece of useful content to the searcher, and leave some amount of it behind an access wall. This can make it so they have to provide their email address in order to receive the rest of the advice from your article.


You can also use lead generating software to enter a few search terms and quickly generate a list with hundreds of leads. Simply enter the type of business you’re looking for and the area you want to search in, and local lead generation tools can gather hundreds of businesses up that match your search terms.

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