Southampton’s Boat Show is coming!


The PSP Southampton Boat Show is taking place from the 16th to the 25th September 2016 and as always it has attractions for young and old and for purchasers and dreamers.

It promises to be a spectacular event with in excess of five hundred exhibitors concentrated on the south coast in, fingers crossed, the late summer sunshine. The Team GB sailing competitors will be visiting the show this year, fresh from the athletes’ unequalled success in Rio.

Michelle Keegan is also booked to make an appearance so if you’re a fan of Coronation Street there’s a celebrity there for you too, if you can tear yourself away from the amazing array of sailing craft.

Relaxing at the Southampton Boat Show is a pleasure if your passion is for the nautical and your taste is for excellencein state of the art exhibits, hints of the future and good food either in the restaurants or from the plethora of street vendors.

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The Southampton Boat Show 2016 will have all of the refreshments that you’d expect and quite possibly, more than you can imagine.

There’ll be the:

Mariner Grill, Street Food, Tapas Terrace, Galley Café, Coffee Stations (they also serve tea!)

All of these venues, large or small, share one important need:

They require fridge hire to ensure that their food stock stays fresh, edible and at its best standard. At arguably the best boat show in the world why would any caterer provide a meal, snack or drink at less than exquisite levels?

It’s an advertising opportunity for each and every exhibitor so the ability to provide guests with a boat tour plus a complimentary and most welcome soft drink or flute of champagne will set you ahead of the competition in such a simple but hugely effective way.

The cost of fridge trailer hire won’t eat too far in to a budget and it’s a great customer service attribute. Fridge rental for one day, a few days or the duration of the show will be easy to arrange. Companies like Ice Cool Trailers are expert service providers and can accommodate almost every request. They’ll deliver the fridge trailer to site and position it in the required position, set the fridge up and then it’s over to you. The fridge trailer is ready to use within minutes and the vast majority are lockable for maximum security.

Different sized fridge trailer hire means that unique requirements can be served, for example, a coffee station will arguably house less than a sandwich bar or restaurant so why should they be forced to have the largest fridge trailer in the range?

Reputable fridge rental companies are often familiar with the PSP Southampton Boat Show and fully understand the needs of suppliers and caterers in external spaces so whether it’s your first or tenth time at the event, you’ll be at your best, professionally dealing with every customer.

Do you really want to serve a heroic Rio athlete spoilt food because you forgot the fridge?

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