Smart Meter Franking Machines

If you aspire to:

  • Save on overheads.
  • Pay the correct postage on every item.
  • Maximise mailroom task efficiency.
  • Enjoy VAT reclaim benefits.
  • Have smart technology enabled equipment.
  • Use a Royal Mail accredited franking machine rental and mailroom equipment partner.
  • Be eligible for Royal Mail’s Mailmark business mail services and optimum pricing.
  • Take franking machine rental which is cost effective and competitive.
  • Have rental services that also offer customer services packages.
  • Top up credit and order consumables at your convenience via an online account.
  • Never face a queue at the Post Office again.
  • Have post which always looks professional.
  • Facilitate unique marketing messages and logos. (Free advertising.)
  • Secure facilities with registered users and cost centres.
  • Smart meter franking machines that calculate tax, which is invaluable for accounts.

You should make it happen. Initiate a conversation with a leading smart meter franking machines firm like IMS Franking in Aldermaston.

Royal Mail has invested a vast sum in business mail services and pricing development. This translates to the smart meter franking machine user in cutting edge technology, reporting, mail visibility and the best pricing available.

All new franking machines must be smart franking machines. This shouldn’t be viewed as a Royal Mail ruse but a benefit. Mailmark clients receive the best of everything, including tax benefits. Why wouldn’t you want your business mail services to be running at peak standards whilst not incurring any unnecessary costs?

Smart meter franking machine rental often entails an agreement that all consumables are bought from the hire firm. This presents security and convenience. You know that the product is the right one for you rather than an inexpensive alternative that could prove a costly error.

24/7 online account management and access to an experienced professional’s advice makes operations efficient and less of a chore.


Whether you have a small, medium or large business, unless you have a smart franking machine and use the Mailmark benefits you are costing your enterprise money. A first class stamp at 64p costs 13p more than Mailmark franked mail. Stamp prices rise again in March 2017.

Stamped mail trickles through the normal post-stream. Franked mail is treated to business mail services which ensures that it travels from A to B more swiftly. With Mailmark and smart technology franking machines clients can view a dashboard which tells them exactly where their item of mail is in the system thanks to a readable barcode.

The IMS60: Low usage.

  • Tailored to 5+ items of post/day.
  • It has built in 2.5kg scales.
  • Ideal for a home office or small business.
  • 100% postage cost accuracy.
  • Smart meter franking machines are eligible for VAT reclaims.
  • 10 cost centres/departments.
  • Convenient, efficient.
  • Secure and compact.
  • Contains 5 pre-programmed messages.
  • Logos and slogans can be added.
  • Date stamps incoming mail too.

SendPro 3000: High volume.

  • Processes up to 310 items per minute.
  • Mailmark compliant.
  • 7kg weighing platform – 35kg optional.
  • Colour printing – perfect for marketing.
  • 1200 dpi print quality.
  • 15” Colour touchscreen operation.
  • Weigh on the way.
  • Dimensions on the way.
  • 1000 cost centres, 3000 optional.

Smart meter franking machines were designed to make life…smarter.

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