Royal Mail Franking Machine Tips

Smart technology franking machines must use blue ink. (Standard meter machines may still use red ink.)

Franking should be in the top right hand corner, clear and easily readable to avoid processing delays.

Include your address on the franking label so that undelivered mail can be returned to you.

This can be on the reverse of the envelope or printed on the face by using the slogan facility offered by machines.

Once it’s been programmed the machine will issue all labels with the address on them.

To ensure that ink won’t run out during post processing and cause a problem Royal Mail suggest that you set the franking machine to 0.00 value to test the ink and then when satisfied that ink levels are adequate start processing your mail.

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If it’s illegible, faded or partially printed then processing delays are likely.

You cannot use franking machines to provide reply envelopes e.g. a contract that needs a S.A.E. because Royal Mail won’t allow this.

The data collected is time sensitive and must be accurate, there’s no guarantee that the S.A.E. will be used or used quickly.

You can, however, process Royal Mail franking machine post ready for dispatch the next day.

For example, you need to get 500 small envelopes processed today with tomorrow’s date on so that all recipients are sent the information on the same day (your day off.)

You can programme the date to tomorrows and get the task accomplished. The date used must be the date that the item is posted or collected through Royal Mail.

Red pouches are used for 1st class franked mail and green ones for 2nd class franked mail. Different sized mail must be separated. Small mail in one pouch, large letters in another.

Limits to the amount of items in each pouch exist: 200 small envelopes maximum and 45 large envelopes maximum in their respective pouches.

Please batch the different weights with elastic bands in the pouches.

e.g. 1 X 10 small envelopes, less than 100g in one elastic band and 20 X 10 small envelopes between 101 and 250g in another.

International mail is placed in white pouches. It must be separated from domestic mail and the same quantity limits apply.

For packages please use mailbags and ensure that they weigh no more than 11kg. The red label applies to 1st class, the green label to 2nd class, mirroring the envelopes colour coding.

All franking machine processed special delivery, guaranteed mail and signature services post must be placed in a separate bag and labelled appropriately.

Don’t forget to post your Royal Mail franking machine mail in the franked mail boxes. Royal Mail have single opening boxes for traditional mail but franked mail boxes frequently have two apertures and are labelled as a franked mail only box.

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