Owning the most user friendly website

It is easy to have the website but it is really difficult to maintain and increase its rating on the search engine. The rating of the website depends upon the number of  interface used by the company to make the user feel at home on you web site and make shopping at your site a pleasant experience for the user. The ease of the usage makes you site more user-friendly especially among the persons who are not very tech friendly in nature. Surprisingly this is the group which has the maximum paying capacity and decision making at their disposal. In this process of making your site, the number one site on the search engine, the dedicated server web hosting plays an important role.

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How to select the best server web hosting for website?

  • Number of domain name: The good web hosting companies offer the client extra hosting space as it is for sure that you are going to have more than one domain name. Generally, the companies offer 25 extra domain names with extra hosting space to accommodate the traffic created by the domain names. It could be one of the factors in selecting the web hosting company.
  • Sign up and renewal price: You can call it; the bait from the hosting companies to offer the web hosting sign up at a very nominal price and as soon as you start liking the hosting server and its services and due for the renewal then the company shows its real color by asking hefty amount as renewal charges. So, it is better to search for the renewal amount or prices before you select the web hosting company for your site. Although the companies are reluctant in disclosing their renewal prices, you can find it out by going through the company TOS links and then search for the renewal.

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