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NTFS flat files and folders – start to finish

There is no point where files are kept in an exclusive storage device or in a database. This is vital as it offers enormous space making this product extremely well-organized. The largest or major file system presently handled can be as high as 3-4 Petabytes this is accomplished by the use of only one Datacenter Edition fitted on a slightly small VM that has just 4 cPUs as well as 6GB of RAM.

Direct File Access’ is used to offer instantaneous access to content

Not like any other solutions, when the user clicks a link that was left behind to replace file all the IO goes right from the workstation of the users straight to the file. There are not any agents or other works in the way which means that the users are not just sitting around just waiting for file to be returned to the live file system before others can have access to it. Those files needing to be returned to the live system are daily returned by a maintenance jobs that automatically runs during off hours. All information in regards where every file has moved from and to is kept in the file system by ways of the use of directory structures and properties of the file.

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Different types of stubs accessible

These stubs are accessible to pick from that to be left in file places when they have moved. This also includes being entirely unified links acting just like the real file. Additionally, both folder and file levels that have shortcuts those are like Windows shortcuts and offer an advantage of compatibility that is increased and can be even retrieved by Apple Macs using an add-on like “Win Shortcutter”.

Unique storage structure – Live, Migrated & Graveyard stages

This exclusive feature lets this archiving software make a real Hierarchical System of storage for only a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Please check it here for more information.

All of this makes a software product unlike any of the other on the market.

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