How to make a blog

A blog is a common place over the internet where people from all around the world gathers up and share their experience, story, opinion, thoughts and much more for free. If your blog manages to attract lots of people from all around the world, then you can start making money out of your blogs. There are many people who are making millions of dollars on a monthly basis just by posting their content on the blog. Blogs are meant to post content on it which can be informative, entertaining, general topic. So those of you who don’t know how to make a blog, mentioned below are some of the points which can help you design, host and monetize your blog.

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Design your blog: First you need to design your blog. You can also prefer to use blogger which is a blogging service to design your blog. You can prefer to create your profile on bloggers and can use their tool to design your blog. You can prefer to choose the template and design for your blog. Or you can also separately design your own blog using various platforms.

Choose the domain: In order to make your blog go live, you need to purchase a domain. You can either prefer to choose blogger to publish your domain and make it available online or you can prefer to choose WordPress. Blogger is absolutely free of cost; you need not to make any kind of money expenses in it. Whereas with WordPress, you will need to buy a domain to make your blog go online. But WordPress, will provide you with separate space on the internet to post your content as well as customize your blog according to your needs. On the other hand, blogger provides you with shared platform over the internet. It is a common blogging website that is used by many bloggers all around the world.

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