How To Get More Followers On Instagram?

Following are the steps to get free Instagram followers:

  1. Connect your Instagram account with your account of other social media: If you can connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account, you are going to gain some more followers of Instagram. You probably have around 20% of your Facebook friends also having an account on Instagram. When they see you on Instagram, they will automatically start to follow you. This is a process you should have while you have Signed Up on Instagram, but if you didn’t, you are never late than never. Some people are joining Instagram every day; some of them might be your friends so you would know how and where to find them.

If you think that all your Facebook friends are on your Instagram followers, but you aren’t satisfied by the numbers, you want it more, you then should post your Instagram image on your Facebook or the other social media you are using, with the Instagram account name. You can put some dashing photos, discounts, etc. on Facebook with your Instagram profile name; you won’t know where you will earn more followers.

  • Always look out for what is working: While searching to gain people’s attention, one of the best places to search is the popular tab. If you see some viral posts, you check that post why people ticked it. You will then notice the pattern if you spend a while on them. Do not get confused, it’s very simple, here’s an example. The most photos that get very popular or viral are beautiful with nice and strong contract, multiple bright colors, the perspectives are unique, or they are of pretty ladies. So, now think now how can you make your version of pictures work.

  • Popular Hashtags and Keywords should be Relevant: Hashtags undoubtedly categorize contents, but they do another job, and that is very important is that they increase the visibility of the photos and therefore a chance for you to be found and liked and followed. So, if the hashtag is more popular, you have a better chance to be followed back or liked.

To search for popular hashtags go to Webstagram. You will come to know about the most popular hashtags currently going on.

  • Like people’s photos and follow other people: If you feel like you are going to get likes and followers and you are not going to follow or like others, then this is a big mistake. The best to get other’s attention is by giving them your service. Like their posts and follow them. It doesn’t take much if you like someone’s post and/or follow them and then give it some time for them to follow you back. When you like them or follow them, it’s out of curiosity the person would want to know about you, and so they will visit your profile. Now, to follow you back or like you depends completely on the posts you make. If your posts are attractive enough, nothing is stopping you from getting them as a back follower.


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