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Web development never stands still because there are just too many possibilities. Berkshire web design experts like The Wysi Partnership know that just like in the world of fashion, there are trends concerning websites.

This doesn’t mean that websites should look the same, far from it.

The constant thread within this atmosphere of change is that the user experience needs to be as positive as it possibly can be, meaning that the user shouldn’t have to click too many times to get to what they want or be faced with unattractive pages or unreadable text.

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The overall website has to have the appeal to lure viewers to it and ease of functionality around the website.

Viewers are much more likely to make purchases on websites that please them.

5 Website Trends


Whilst the minimal look will hold its attractiveness with web development firms and clients for eternity there is a move towards flowing, calligraphy like type which offers the illusion of “the personal touch.”

Move it!

The human eye can’t resist taking a look at something that’s moving so the addition of moving images to a website is a sure way to attract attention.

Concentration is heightened because the user wants to see exactly what happens in the animation.

A cautionary note with this is that the animation shouldn’t prohibit access to the website or cause the viewer to encounter 10 seconds or more of a presentation which they don’t want.

This decreases user experience.

Expert Berkshire web designers are aware of this and shouldn’t subject users to such displays. The end result has to be a click in, not a click on the cross to exit.

A captivating bold image that leaps off the screen.

HD images are increasingly popular because the quality is excellent and the download time is not affected by the mass of data.

A picture speaks a thousand words as the saying goes. Colours also have psychological impacts on users.

For example, blue is trustworthy, green is nature and wealth, red increases appetite, black speaks of sophistication and orange defines a call to action and creativity.

These are scientifically proven theories and if you look at the largest companies in the world you should see that several banks use blue or green whilst fast food chains favour red. Interesting!

Scrolling not clicking

This allows a page to be viewed and scrolled down through so that a complete story or product information can be shown on one long screen rather than making a user click a link or move to another page. User experience increases, people like scrolling.

The ability to scroll is mobile friendly which is perfect in a time when smartphones are taking over from other mobile devices in popularity.

Using light and shadow on website pages.

This is a simple but effective way to add life to a page. It ceases to be flat and appears to have depth which tricks the eye in to thinking it’s not reading a flat screen.

Be a fashionista!

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