Crowdfunding offline and online for best results

On Impact Guru’s crowdfunding India blog, we’ve sufficiently educated our campaigners on the importance of a bulletproof social media and online marketing strategy to gain new donors, as well as hold on to existing supporters. Now let us rewind to a couple of decades ago when the internet was not a primary means of communication. Seeing as charity and philanthropy has existed for centuries, how do you think people promoted their fundraising activities back in the day?

Well, offline of course!

Let’s not forget that your online crowdfunding India campaign will only reach people who are on the internet, and not people who aren’t. However, offline communities form a large chunk of the philanthropic population in India, and missing the opportunity to pitch your appeal to them, would be an opportunity missed. Critics might say it’s ludicrous to spend money on offline activities just to make your online one more effective – but we say why not?

Allow us to tell you why you need to enhance your online campaign through offline activities:

Target people who aren’t on social media

As we said above, a large part of the population may not be active on the internet. By organising offline events, you can target them as well. Moreover, may people tend to be suspicious of campaign they see on the internet – this is a great way to gain the trust of such individuals.

Promote your campaign

There are certain challenges when it comes to promoting your campaign online, the biggest one being that it’s hard to sustain the attention of a person who opens your campaign page. If your campaign story/ page doesn’t instantly attract them, they’ll log off and not come back. Such challenges and gaps can be filled through offline promotions where you have more time to pitch your idea in a way that is interactive.

Fun events are more memorable

The possibilities are endless with offline activities. You could organize a marathon for cancer patients, have an exclusive film screening for supporters, organize a music performance, conduct workshops, and so much more. When you combine such fun activities with charity, people will remember your initiative and be more likely to contribute to it.

Develop a rapport with your supporters

Offline engagements give campaigners the chance to develop personal relationships with their existing supporters, as well as potential supporters. By doing so, you increase their faith in your cause. Additionally, existing supporters will be more likely to contribute to future campaigns as well.

Needless to say, that your crowdfunding India campaign will need to be a stellar combination of online and offline engagements to maximize your fundraising efforts. We hope this article is of help to you when planning your promotion strategy for your crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru.

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