Cashing in on the Web–Constructing Profitable Websites

When it comes to making a few dollars, there is nothing like the internet. This is providing you have the acumen, or are prepared to hire it, to put up a good website. By good websites we mean sites that have good, built in search engine ties, so that your page or pages are the ones that pop up first when a word or phrase is entered into a search engine page. Having said that is not quite so easy as it sounds unless you are a whiz kid at making search engines grab your page.By the entry of a variety of words allied to your products, the searcher should land on your web page, theoretically.

Take ‘ladders’ for example if you make them. You may or may not make ladders, let’s say you sell them in which case you need keywords to make sure that a searcher looking for a product you make can reach your web page quite easily. The reason for keywords is quite simple. If I need an aluminum ladder, I might type the word “aluminum” into a search engine and before I can think of ladder I have 30,000 replies in a few seconds from all aluminum suppliers, ladder manufacturers, in fact all aluminum articles.

Now if I put a particular word of phrase on my webpage and have listed this phrase with the search engine provider theoretically he should land on my page and maybe a lot of other pages. So, I can I refine my word ladders? Yes, I can put in stepladders for example which cuts down the list of pages that will come up. Don’t forget, there are a lot of ladder suppliers so you need to get your page singled out more specifically. How do you do this?  

Getting the right word or keyword is quite a difficult task and there is definitely a trial and error count here. You need to do a keyword search more than once to come up with a word or words that adequately describe your page. Maybe a phrase is better. How much you pay the search engine provider is dependent on the number of words you register with him. The more keywords the better of course.

It is quite important to know how people look for something, for example what do they type into a search engine providers website. They can type a variety of word meaning a similar thig but if you do not have a phrase or keyword registered or listed to “click” with what you have on your webpage, they will not find it. Of course, someone can give you a specific page to find what you are looking for and then they do not use a search engine. This does not help you as most people search for what they want.

It is important for a web page constructor to find the best possible keyword for which you will pay the search engine provider for. So just to go over it again, you have to have a good page tied to a search engine provider. As mentioned, you will pay for this. It will guarantee that he lands on your landing page, which we will come to. Your web page itself must also be attractive and catch people’s eye. There is quite a lot to a good webpage.

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