All You Should Know About DJI Phantom

It all started with a Chinese start up namely DJI which aimed at exemplifying the art of photography and video making with the introduction of technologically evolved drones. All the products that the company has created till now have earned the status of ‘drones with superior performance’ and have also been widely appreciated by tech critics. If you’re one of those who wish to shell out some money on these creative tech gadgets, then going through below-mentioned information would help you know about every important feature associated with the drones included in the DJI Phantom line.

Versatility of Phantom Products

The DJI Company was established around 11 years ago. Initially, DJI Phantom products were being used by intelligence agencies and military groups for security enhancing and vigilance purposes. The models sold to these groups were quite expensive since they were being used in professional domains. But eventually, DJI launched comparatively cheaper and economical line of Phantom products in the consumer market.

Battery Longevity

The Phantom line created by the DJI Company has launched a wide range of innovative RC Quadcopters. Some of the products include Phantom 3, Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro/Advanced, Mavic Pro etc to mention a few. One of the notable features that are common in all the Phantom products is the prolonged battery life. The drone can work without a battery recharge for a good 20 minutes to half an hour or so more depending on the variant. This was specially paid attention to since one of the worst things that every drone owner wishes to avoid is low battery when the drone is being piloted at a high altitude.

Resolution matters

For all photography and video making enthusiasts, a drone can prove to be a creative way to boost those visual creativity skills. The camera resolution in each of the drones offers superior quality imaging and videos which is a boon to all the photography and video making enthusiasts. Models like Phantom 1 and 2 come without any cameras thereby giving the buyers a flexibility to mount a camera of their own choice. However, the FC40 and Vision models have incorporated cameras within. The vision models have 14 mega pixel cameras and are ideal for professionals who wish to shoot high-resolution videos. The FC40 models are ideal for amateurs who have just gotten started with aerial photography.

GPS capabilities

If the GPS capabilities of the drone are taken into consideration, all the Phantom line products comprise of an inbuilt GPS system. The drones have been designed in a way that external conditions like wind or rain prevent it from drifting off and getting damaged in any way.  Also, the company has now come up with several upgrades which facilitate ‘waypoint control’. This means that certain pre-programmed flight points can be incorporated into your phones or tablets thereby helping you to navigate the Phantom RC Quadcopter accordingly.


Lastly, regardless of which drone you choose from the Phantom line, DJI never fails to impress its customers with its high-quality drones. However, before investing in drones going through important regulations associated with drone flying would help you gain necessary information about the same.



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