4 Benefits to A Standing Desk

Also known as the “stand-up desk” there are many benefits to using a standing desk instead of a traditional seated desk.   Of course, this is something that many people seem to understand in theory but shy away from, a bit, in the real world.

That is why the standing desk is such a keen idea.  They are adjustable, for one, and that allows you sit and stand and change positions throughout the day to accommodate your comfort. All in all, then, lets take a look at some of the actual benefits that are associated with working at a 123ink.ca standing desk.

BENEFIT #1:  Reduced Obesity Risk and Lower Weight Gain

Weight gain can be simplified as taking in far more calories than you burn; obesity can be simplified as weight over a long period of time.  Sure, that’s kind of a generalization but it is also an easy way to look at it. So here’s the deal, if you want to lose weight, you need to either take in fewer calories or burn more of them. The good news is that a standing desk lets you burn a few extra calories while you are working.  As a matter of fact, analysts suggest that you could burn up to an additional 1000 calories a week just by working at a standing desk for a few hours a day.

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BENEFIT #2:  Reduced Blood Sugar Risk

Every time you eat, you need to convert the carbohydrates in your food into energy because the higher your blood sugar is after you eat, the greater risk you are for many health factors. Essentially, then, when you return to a standing desk after your lunch break, you are able to continue burning off some of this sugar to lower the risk for blood sugar spikes in the afternoon.

BENEFIT #3:  Reduced Heart Disease Risk

There have been many studies which indicate that people who sit all day—who have a sedentary lifestyle—would certainly benefit from standing at a desk. One way these people would benefit is in the form of risk for heart disease dropping by as much as a whopping 147 percent!

BENEFIT #4:  Reduced Back Pain

The most common complaint office workers make is that they have a lot of back pain. This might seem strange since they are seated all day but the reality is that sitting all day can cause people to slouch and have poor posture.

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